The mountain flowers

The alpine parc of the Piora Valley will especially surprise you by its rich vegetation and its large variaty of alpine flowers. The first flowers can be seen already in May, coming out from the melting snow. The real flower paradise is in July and August.

In the alpine area it is rare to find a valley such the Val Piora that has attracted renowned naturalists since 1700. Its particular location on the alps and its south location make the valley enjoy a mediterraean and suptropical influence that creates a particular microclimate.
This area counts 415 of the 1900 plant species and alpine flowers of Canton Ticino. Some of the flowers that you will find are the Campanula gialla, the Vaniglia rossa, the Giglio mortogone, the Paradisia, the Acquilegia alpina, the Giglio rosso, the Orchidea globosaand the Genziana gialla. Please help to protect all these alpine treasures! Thank you. In the large woods the main trees are the pines an the larches.
 In the Piora valley there are 415 plant’s types (the Canton Ticino counts 1900 plant’s types).